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Alaska Tribal Cache

Wild Berry Jams, Jellies, Syrup, Gift-Packs and Baskets


by Chesloknu Foods, a division of:

Seldovia Village Tribe
PO Drawer L
Seldovia, Alaska 99663

On the sunny slopes above pristine Seldovia Bay, in Alaska's southcentral region, grow the wildest of the wild berries. Nourished by clean winter snows, fresh spring rains and the long sunshine filled days of Alaska's summer, Seldovia's wild berries become a natural treasure.

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Historically three Alaska Native cultures overlapped in our area because of it's geographic location. Today Seldovia Village Tribal members trace their individual heritages to the Aleuts, Eskimos and Tanaina Indians, uniquely considering themselves one distinct tribe.

We invite and encourage you to try some of our jam or jelly, gift packs or syrup and to stock some of these wonderful products in your shop or establishment. This authentic Alaskan Native product is sure to attract buyers looking for that unique and unusual gift item.

We ship by Priority or by Parcel Post, but there is a new UPS service which takes 8-10 days, and may be less expensive. We would also be glad to have your input as to what would work best for your company. We'll take your order by phone with credit card, or you can send us an order by mail, with your check or money order.

Thank you for this opportunity to share information about our products with you.